Walking in North Wales

Walking in North WalesIf you love a breath of fresh air and aren’t too deterred by some chilly weather here and there, there are plenty of activities organised by special groups who know all the best spots for walking in North Wales.

Possibly the group with the most representation are The Ramblers: a team who dedicate themselves to finding and traversing the best locations in the country. As a largely charitable organisation, they always strive to maintain and help the most iconic walking paths of Britain to survive against construction and climate changes.

They can be found throughout North Wales and always endeavour to bring new people in to help their cause. From Bethesda to Llanlechid, you can find a route that suits you if you’re a newcomer or a seasoned pro.

Don’t want to leap straight into the fray? Luckily, Bangor Bethesda Ramblers are holding special talk on the 8th of November which caters to any individual interested in joinging their proud organisation. In partnership with the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation, they will deliver all of the answers to your burning questions to help you discover what they’re all about. As it’s a charitable event, donations are desired from potential candidates.

After you delved into the history and purpose of this historic group, why not lace up those boots and come along on the 12th of November to take part in a Grade C walk? Stretching over 7 miles, this could be quite the rough introduction but once you get stuck in, you could find yourself having a whole lot of friends in the gorgeous scenery.

Elsewhere, on the 16th of November, if you feel as if your legs can handle it, you should also attend the Llyn Sarnau Walk with the Bangor Bethesda Ramblers. Upping the ante even further, this 7.5 mile walk could prove a bit of attest but with one of the most beautiful views of Snowdon available, it may be a bit difficult to resist.

So, if you want to explore the great outdoors, you should look no further than some exciting days out with The Ramblers this November.

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