Things To Do in North Wales this Winter

Things To Do in North WalesAfter a peculiarly warm but welcome summer for the residents of North Wales, Christmas is ever approaching which only ever brings with it one thing for those seeking accommodation here. Cold weather.

Instead of bedding down in your blanket all day, you should explore the things to do in North Wales and discover what great fun it still has to offer this chilly time of year.

Visit the Theatre

Whatever the weather, you can visit one of North Wales’ many exciting venues that displays only the best in local and worldwide talent.

Venue Cymru in Llandudno is one such place and since its grand opening, it has continued to pull bigger and better names year on year. If you’re after some exciting music from a range of genres, you are definitely catered for with such a broad range of exciting performances. As well as music, the location constantly hosts engaging drama and there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

Elsewhere, a trip to Galeri Caernarfon will see you treated to some exciting drama and music as well. With their calendar putting the emphasis on local talent, there’s only one place to be to see the famous faces of tomorrow.

Attend an Event

The people of North Wales are renowned for not being deterred by a little drizzle here and there which is why such fantastic events are held all year round.Events in North Wales

A recent success was the Conwy Feast that saw tens of thousands of people flock to try and sample nothing but the best food which really emphasises the draw of the area as a whole.

Still to come is the North Wales Choral Festival, Denbigh Plum Feast and the Cariad Ink Festival which each having that unique ingredient that makes North Wales so special. Book now to avoid disappointment for these events as they are selling out fast!

Get In Touch with Nature

A brilliant hub for animals and the gorgeous surroundings around them, enthusiasts are always congregating to the historic region throughout the year.

Nature in North WalesNorth Wales boasts so many idyllic walking and biking trails that it’s hard to select just one but whichever one you pick, you’re sure to be completely taken by the scenery of the region.

The Welsh Mountain Zoo is another prime example of what makes North Wales so beloved with thousands of visitors each year enjoying the amazing array of animals on the grounds. Whether you’re after a live sea lion display or just want to get up close and personal with a brown bear (not too close though!), there’s always something to delight you and the family.

So, ignore the less than perfect weather and delve into the spirit of North Wales this wintry season. It will be an experience hard to forget.

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