Reasons People Should Cycle to Work

Despite constant improvements to local cycling Conwy facilities such as bike stands and cycle paths, many people choose to save their cycling for the weekend or for simple pleasure rides throughout the week. The majority of people don’t cycle to work; while the benefits of cycling to work are numerous, here are just some of them to focus on. 


Cycling is good for you – this is a fact. Therefore, combining cycling with your morning or evening commute to work will get those wonderful health benefits during a time you’d be traveling anyway. While the exact calories burned whilst riding your bike can vary drastically between each individual, their speed and topography – on average, cycling burns about as many calories as jogging; with considerably less negative impacts on the joints. 


Cycling to work saves you money. Think about it, no more having to fill your car up every week or more frequently and no more struggling to find a parking space either. If you already have a bike, your only monetary outlay would perhaps be buying a suitable lock in order to secure it – if you don’t have a suitable bike, you can usually pick one up second-hand for reasonable prices or you could treat yourself to a brand new one. Overall, the money you’d spend on fuel in a year on your work commutes will pay for all this, and then some. 


One of the main reasons why people avoid cycling to work, is that they are under the impression that it is inconvenient. However, compare it to the inconvenience of being stuck in an unavoidable car traffic jam. Cyclists rarely get stuck in traffic, and they aren’t susceptible to the usual traffic delays of driving or using public transport. For those in an urban setting, cycling to work is often as quick or quicker than driving. Cycling bags make carrying your work materials easy, and many workplaces are now offering secure bike parking for employees, and additional facilities to make it easier for those who do choose to cycle to work. 

Brain Power

Cycling to work can help to make you smarter – so you won’t become a world-class neurobiologist over night, but research has proven that daily exercise can help to prevent cognitive decline, improve overall brain functionality and sharpen memory and learning. So, even if cycling doesn’t turn you into a genius, it will make some significant improvements to your brain. 

Improved Mood

It makes you happier – while most people wouldn’t necessarily think that sitting in traffic or navigating a congested area as daily activities that calm them down, cycling to work could change your commute from a bad thing to a moderate form of therapy. Many studies have shown the correlation between daily exercise and reducing stress, alleviating symptoms of depression, improving sleep patterns and even reducing anxiety. Exercising outdoors has also been proven to boost self-confidence and your overall mood. 


Cycling is actually quite fun. Many people will think back to their younger days spent racing around the neighbourhood on bikes with friends, wishing they could take a trip back to those carefree days to escape from the nine-to-five life they’ve fallen into. Cycling to work can help to incorporate some fun into your daily life; you can spend time taking in the scenery, maybe even stopping for a coffee somewhere nice. 

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