Picture of the Day – Canadian Geese raise their young

Many city-folk decide that the idyllic setting of North Wales is perfect for raising their young. Well, this too is true of Canadian geese. The RSPB reserve aside the Conwy estuary is the full-time and temporary home of many species of bird. Here we can see a family of Canadian Geese trotting over a rise with a magnificant mountain view of Snowdonia national park in the background. This goose would have flown thousands of miles on an intercontental journey just to reach the consistant climate and save environment of North Wales.

The RSPB reserve aside the Conwy Estuary remains a popular spot for tourists, birdwatchers and dog-walkers. One of the areas most beautiful, well kept areas. If you haven’t already, check it out, and if you have… well, we don’t need to tell you just how stunning it is.

 Courtasy of www.benhallphotography.com

Courtasy of www.benhallphotography.com

Image courtasy of photographer Ben Hall, you can view the rest of his work here: www.benhallphotography.com.


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