Our top 5 dog walks in North Wales

North Wales’ rolling hills, staggering mountain ranges, and serene beaches are an absolute heaven for dog walkers. Unlike inner-towns or cities, where you might be confined to a public park or a stroll around the block; there’s absolutely nothing from stopping you from walking out your front doors on a new adventure with your canine companion.

Despite dealing with an endless amount of material to work with, we had a think and decided upon our 5 personal favourite spaces and trails for some quality time with the hooch!

There are a couple of things to consider, firstly not all areas are suitable for dogs at all, secondly some areas need dogs to be kept on a lead, and thirdly; make sure you clean up after your dog. There are plenty of options for accommodation for your dog while in Wales if needed, Kennels North Wales etc.

Newborough Forest

This famous enchanting forest is filled with Corsican pines; it’s the perfect place for off-the-lead dog walking as there are leagues of forest to explore. You can follow the path out down to the beach and onto a small island.

Llyn Geirionydd

Lake Geironydd is a mile long lake, which is surrounded by woodland and makes for a wonderful walk around the lake. There is a path which encircles the llyn, so this is perfect to follow on a day’s exploring.



Llangollen Tow Path

This is also known as the canal. It’s around 3 ¼ of a mile each way along, and is the ideal place for off the lead walking. There is a concrete path for the entirety of the canal path, along with patches of grassy areas and bushes for your dog to explore along the way.


Classic woodland overlooking Llandudno, you follow along a grassy plane besides a long brick wall before heading into the forest for some exploring. There are also some beautiful cliff-views of which the entirety of Llandudno’s coast is visible.

Valley Crucis Abbey

The ruins of a historical abbey are still standing in the valley of Llangollen. This makes for an intriguing explore for both you and your dog, who will relish at the grassy areas and various stone obstacles around.

Be aware that your canine companion should be well trained before being taken out to busy environments, we recommend that all dogs attend appropriate dog training.

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