Llandudno Choral Festival 2013

Already established as a hub for new music and a great exhibitor of old favourites, Llandudno Choral Festival 2013Llandudno’s growing reputation as a social centre for North Wales is set to be boosted further when the Llandudno Choral Festival descends on its iconic shores this November.

Set over a jam-packed weekend of entertainment, the choral festival is all set for another fantastic year of performances and competition. Ages young and old will line up side by side and sing their hearts out to get their hands on the coveted prize. With so many categories to participate in, the rivalry is sure to be as fierce as ever.

A cash prize awaits the overall victors, a brilliant asset for any choir want to improve on their resources. With such a generous sum being invested, this serves to show how serious and dedicated the investors are which is a great reflection of the passion held by North Wales for the arts.

Established and esteemed names in the industry are also taking to the stage over the occasion with plenty of excitement surrounding them. Wynne Evans, the actor who portrays the love-to-hate tenor on the GoCompare adverts, is looking to separate himself from his famous alter ego and is undoubtedly going to bring the house down. Other singers such as Sioned Terry have started the hype for this event and they are also set for an unforgettable time.

Want to possibly be involved in the choral profession? There are workshops available throughout the festival that are held by experts – an ideal opportunity for you to find out how to hit those high notes. Children are also invited with the culmination of the Schools Day providing an eventual winner throughout all age groups.

After you attend the 25th anniversary of this brilliant occasion then you could do little better than finding out about Llandudno during your stay. Take a walk along its beach or try out a gorgeous Welsh cake. Whatever you decide, make sure you free up the 8th to 10th of October in your diary for the Llandudno Choral Festival 2013.

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