Caernarfon’s History

Caernarfon is an ancient town steeped in a rich and storied history. However, people passing through often miss learning about the vast antiquity the town bares.

Not many British towns can say that they have been inhabited without pause since before the roman occupation, however Caernarfon can boast of this.

Just out of town you can see the roman fortification of Segontium which was garrisoned until the end of occupation. It was the most important military base and administration centre in this part of Britain.

The grand castle of Caernarfon overlooks the town as a monolithic reminder of ages past. The fortress sits at the mouth of the river Seiont, and was constructed by Edward I ‘The Longshanks’ as part of his ‘Iron Ring of Castles’ around wales in order to hold subservience of the Welsh People. Caernarfon’s place in history has earned it the title of a World Heritage site. Walk along the lofty medieval walls. One of the greatest ways to see the town with the opportunity to absorb the amazing stories of various locations across the town.


The Black Boy Hotel inn Hotel in Caernarfon is a 15th century hotel which has served as the perfect place to stay for travellers coming from far and wide. That looking for some Welsh, historical place to spend your nights, as it was recently voted the Welsh-est pub in the world (Everything is Bilingual).

More recently the investure of Charles, Prince of Wales took place here at the castle in 1969.

If you want to get a good look into local history as you go, and have access to information that may not be available anywhere else, you can go on a Caernarfon History Walk which will provide you with a learn-as-you-explore guide to this gorgeous and historical town. Don’t just visit present Caernarfon, venture into the past!13091410144_4c2e1ccc5f_k

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