Advice for Wedding Planning

It’s so easy to spend hours contemplating things such as where you’re going to choose for the venue, who’s going to do the food, and the dress. You need to remember that the small details matter just as much!

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Things like the glassware, catering equipment North Wales, and centrepieces might not spring to mind when you first start planning your wedding. Luckily for you, we have thought about the things that may go overlooked. 


If you are hiring your glasses, it’s always best to over order. So, if you have 120 guests, maybe order around 300 champagne flutes. Some will break, some will get left at random tables, so you’re bound to have people ask for another. 


Speaking of champagne, it’s important you sort out your bar and drinks. If you’re considering stocking your own alcohol we advise you to keep it simple. Stick to one brand of each type of alcohol – unless you have a few favourites. Getting carried away will only end in waste. Seeing half full bottles of wine in the bin will be very sad!


The ones you are sitting at should be covered by the venue, but what about extra tables for the cake, coffee station, and other bits? Make sure you have ordered enough and that they’re a decent size. 


It’s important to double check if the venue will be providing the linen for the tables, or if you’ll need to bring that along yourself. Again, make sure there are spares here!


The best centrepieces are ones that match the style of food served, and the rest of the wedding – without taking up too much room on the table. If you go for tapas or a sharing style food, then something that is spread right across the table is going to be difficult to manoeuvre around. 


If you want to get bottled water for your tables, you’ll need around four big bottles per table. Your waiting staff will usually start with two, and then bring out more as required. 

Alternatively, you can use refillable bottles if the tap water in the area is sufficient. If the wedding is outdoors you must ensure that you are close to a water supply. 

Waste Disposal

This is one of the least glamorous things that you have to think about. The rubbish at the end of a wedding isn’t going to clear itself! Contact the venue and the catering suppliers to see what they say about it. 

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