Things That Every New Road Cyclist Needs


It’s pretty easy to get into road cycling however, it isn’t as simple as just jumping on your bike. Whilst it’s easily not the most expensive hobby you can have by a longshot, there are a few other things that you need to consider to make sure you stay safe and comfortable.

A Bike

Of course, if you are looking to go cycling North Wales, you will need a bike. Depending on the reason for cycling will depend on which bike you should get. There are a whole plethora of bikes out there, from mountain bikes, e bikes and road bikes.

Like with anything, bikes can be expensive but there are lots of bargains to be had too. So rather than shelling out £10,000 look for some more reasonably priced bikes first, afterall, you are just starting out and who’s to say you’re going to even enjoy it!

Padded Shorts

What you wear when riding can make a whole lot of difference to how much you enjoy it. If you are planning on short cycle rides, then sometimes padded shorts may be a little overkill. However, if you are planning longer rides you may want to look at getting a pair – you’ll thank us later. Riding for long periods of time can give you saddle sores and padded shorts give you that all-needed cushioning to improve your comfort.

Cycling Jersey

Again, if you are looking at shorter journeys, you may want to skip this one, but if you are looking to go the distance, then a cycling jersey is what you need. Cycling jerseys are made of a specific type of material which is designed to keep you cool in the heat and dry if you break a sweat. Most jerseys also have several pockets too which are handy for carrying food and other supplies that you may need to boost your energy on longer trips. 

Water Bottle & Cage

Long rides can be thirsty work, especially if you are planning to ride in the summer months. Keeping hydrated is important so make sure that you have a water bottle, and also a cage on your bike so you can store it. Having a bottle cage fitted to your bike will mean it’s easy to access whilst you are out and about and it’s much more comfortable and secure. 

Bike Pump, Spares & Basic Tools

If you are opting to go on a long journey there are few things you shouldn’t leave without, this includes; a pump, spare inner tube, basic tools and chain oil. Every ride is unpredictable and the last thing that you want is to run into a flat in the middle of nowhere. Having a spare on hand will save you a lot of time and you’ll be able to get on the road quicker.


This is not a must but we thought we would include it anyway, because who doesn’t want to know how fast or how far they have cycled? It can be a fun way to track distances and improve on them in the future so you have a goal to aim toward. By having a tracker on your bike you can try to continually improve every time making all the more fun for those just starting out.

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