St David’s Day in North Wales

St David's DayIf you were born in Wales or are Welsh at heart then you’ll know St David’s Day in North Wales is a truly special occasion and one that brings people together throughout the region. Seen as a perfect opportunity to dust off a pint or two with loved ones, there’s always a lot of fun to be had.

David is the patron saint of Wales and is celebrated through the country for all his philanthropy during his lifetime. One of his amazing feats was being the founder for a monastery in Glyn Rhosyn and is widely lauded for bringing Christianity to the area up until his death in 588.

With his name to chant and bowls of cawl to eat, the country is very proud of its patron saint and especially so in the north where there’s always something special happening to commemorate this special man. In fact, Sty David’s Day is celebrated all over the world, including Disneyland Paris!

This year in North Wales, there’s plenty going on for March the 1st:

Colwyn Bay

Noted for its superb parade which is held every year, this seaside town always draws in visitors by the hundreds for this special occasion with there being a community spirit evident throughout the day’s fun.

There’s also a parade suited for children on the 4th of March in Cowlyn Bay.


This Denbighshire community always closes its high street to commemorate St David and this year should be no different. Expect locals and visitors to turn out in their hundreds, as they always do.


The Flavour of Wales event at Penrhyn Castle will be a celebration of the years of St David with there being many exhibitions and events which help to get you in the commemorative mood.

As well as these select few events, there will also be a bustling high street in many towns across the region with plenty of people getting into the spirit so make sure you do too!

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