The Snowdon Horseshoe

The Snowdon Horseshoe is a trial undertaken by the hardest of mountaineers. It involves tackling the 4 different peaks of Snowdon. These are Y Lliwedd, Garnedd Ugain Crib Goch Yr Wyddfa, around the Cwn Dyli. Do not take your dog on this route, it is simply not suitable.
This is a full day of trekking usually, and is recommended that you only attempt this if you are an experienced mountaineer.

The route usually starts from the Pen-Y-Pass. From here you head up the Pyg Track, but instead of following it along, you turn right as you get to the shadow of Crib Goch. You then swallow your heart and head for the foot of the mountain.

What begins as a steep scramble eventually becomes a ridge walk with sheer drops on either side.
You then follow onwards to Garnedd Ugain, the second of the Horse-shoe’s peaks to usually be tackled, again its imperative that you stick to the ridge or you could risk getting stranded. With a ridge walk, you will often find that while hanging under the ridge may seem more secure, it can be deceiving. If you stay atop the ridge there is less risk of this.

You then head up towards Snowdon’s 3rd and highest peak, Yr Wyddfa. You then descend a short distance, before ascending again as you make your way towards the final peak of Y Lliwedd. Y Lliwedd, while this isn’t quite as daunting as the previously traversed ‘Crib’. It is still a challenging scramble, but you will be rewarded with some marvellous panoramic views. The rocks are broken up with intermittent grassy patches, which make for an unusual mountain. After reaching the summit of this peak, you would have officially completed the Snowdon Horse Shoe.
Remember! Don’t attempt the horse show if weather conditions are adverse, also only make the journey if you are experienced a mountaineer enough to be able to safely traverse the ridge.

Those coming from out the area will be pleased to find many a Snowdonia Hotel to enjoy.

If in doubt, there are plenty of different routes on Snowdon that may be more suitable for you.

Crib Goch

Garnedd Ugain

Yr Wyddfa


Y Lliwedd.

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