Shorter Hill and Mountain Walks in North Wales

Sometimes you yearn for the outdoors, but maybe you have a big group, only a few hours, or a dog to take along and you’re not sure where you can go trekking? Well, I’ve created this list so you have a few options to choose from.

In order of effort/accessibility.

From the Great Ormes Head Llandudno Wales

From the Great Ormes Head Llandudno Wales

The Ormes – Great and Little.

The two Ormes are limestone headlands, which protrude from the coastline from either side of Llandudno’s coastline. These have been a favourite tourist spot since the Victorian times so there is a lot of construction on the great. However it does not overly subtract from its amazing rock structure and sweeping views of the surrounding areas.

Vardre – Deganwy Mountain

Across the river from Conwy Castle, the town of Deganwy stand, and likewise, above this we have the high ancient fortification built upon the Vadre. This was the site of the now missing Deganwy Castle. You can still however see traces and ruins of the groundwork and fortifications of this once great seat of King Maelgwyn. You also have the chance to see some rocky Rhyloite outcrops of Avalonian origin.

Conwy Mountain

Overlooking the medieval castle town of Conwy, the gorgeous emerald green Conwy Mountain gleams looking incredibly inviting for perspective climbers. The mountain is covered in lovely green field space, perfect for a nice stroll, there are also some attractive cliff sides and rocks to behold, as well as some tree cover.

–Half Day Treks–


Moel Siabod

This is a mountain of a modest height, however it is wide towards the base, so the trek is still formidable. The approach includes marshy reedy swathes, small lakes, and boulders, when you get the foot you will find a scattered path of which you follow. The ground is pretty rocky, about halfway up it turns into more of a scramble. The peak of the mountain is covered in boulders. The mountain is a nice, shorter walk compared with its neighbours.



Watch out for plenty of false peaks on this trek, just when you think you’re about to reach the top, you are treated to another to tackle. This is another shorter trek which offers some astonishing views of the menai strait, and the Conwy valley looking over you can see much of the surrounding areas, into the distance you can spot Conwy town and the great Orme.

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