The Island Race in Anglesey

HalIf you’re looking for events in North Wales this February, there are many to catch the eye. However, to get ready for this challenging race in Anglesey in March, you’d be best advised to prepare at least a month in advance!

North Wales’ vast landscapes and rugged terrain lends itself kindly to all kinds of running events and one more is set to be quite the draw for all enthusiasts. The Anglesey Half Marathon (or The Island Race in Anglesey) is set to be an occasion which will highlight the north as the endurance capital of the country.

Taking place on the 2nd of March, this adventure is going to be taking in some of the most iconic sights of the popular island of Anglesey with no traffic to contend with – the perfect environment for a runner to really hit their stride.

The beauty of your course will no doubt me a major point of relaxation for you as you navigate your way to the finishing line. As no ordinary marathon, The Island Race is one which will see you try and best the huge and magnificent bridge and then all the way to the traveller’s stomping ground of Beaumaris Castle. Sound easy enough? Well, you’re sure to enjoy the return leg as well then.

Always Aim High are the organisers for this trial of your capabilities and they are the kings of similar mountain and coast challenges throughout Britain. If you think your legs can cope then you’ll have to enter the Snowdonia Slateman Triathlon which is in an altogether different league of difficulty but the reward of a sense of pride is worth the massive effort. If you’d like to enter that event, you’ll have to act fast as spaces are filling up fast.

Whether you’re training for a bigger event (such as the London Marathon) or are simply after a unique experience, there’s only one occasion you need to endure and enjoy over the next two months.

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