How To Pick The Right Alcohol and Drug Rehab For Addictions?

Before trying to choose the right alcohol rehab for you, you will firstly need to know about what sort of treatments there are out there. Each rehab is unique, offering different treatments for different addictions, so it is important to know a little bit first before you start enquiring.

Drug and alcohol addiction is still a big problem in the UK with a massive 81% of rehabs treating these main issues. Whilst many rehabs offer drug and alcohol treatments, it is important to know exactly what your treatment will entail.

Picking The Right Treatment

Choosing the right treatment can be hard – especially if you’re unsure what you are looking for, but it is a good idea to have an overall understanding of all treatments first before consulting with a rehab advisor.


Detoxification (detox) is one of many different types of treatment rehabs offer to treat alcohol and drug addiction. It is set out in phases with the first phase looks to detoxify the body whilst dealing with withdrawal symptoms.

The aim of detoxification is to manage the unpleasant and sometimes even dangerous side effects from coming off drugs and alcohol which can actually send the body into shock if its not done correctly. Being at a residential rehab is the best way to overcome alcohol and drug addiction due to 24 hour supervision from medical professionals.

Residential Treatment

Once withdrawal has been successfully managed a more therapeutic approach is then undergone to address deeper issues of the addiction – what the causes are for the compulsive behaviours. This can consist of numerous counselling sessions, group sessions and sometimes even medical care if needed. Treatment programmes are tailored to the individual with no two treatment plans being the same.

Outpatient Treatment

Like residential rehab there is also the option to have outpatient care after the initial detoxification. This allows the patient to stay at home to settle back into normal life with daily visits to the rehab to receive treatments that are outlined above.

What Happens After?

There are plenty of aftercare options available for those who need extra support and those considered to need longer time in rehab. This aims to make sure that the patient maintains their sobriety in the years after their rehab.

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