How to Choose the Right Holiday Park for You

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If you’re deciding to stay in the UK for your holiday, then it’s a great idea to consider the great holiday parks North Wales has to offer. However, different holiday parks provide a range of different style holidays. Some are more suited to families with children, whilst others are more for relaxation. This article should help you decide which type is more suited to you. 

The Location

This is a very important factor when choosing a suitable holiday park. Would you prefer it to be more rural, or closer to a town? Would you like it to be closer to your home, or further away so you feel like you’re escaping? 

If you want to use your holiday home on the weekend, then it might be best to choose one which is closer to home. This reduces the amount of the weekend you’ll spend travelling

If you’d rather take longer holidays, then there is no harm in choosing one a bit further away. Driving a distance to a perfect holiday park for you will be worth it if you’re spending over a week there. 

The Facilities

The facilities available at a holiday park can vary greatly. Some are set up like mini towns, with everything you could possibly think of. Some parks have limited amounts of facilities, but are lucky to be in a beautiful location. 

Some holiday parks are more focused on adventure, and have activities such as walking, cycling and swimming as their focal point. Other places are more focused on being a peaceful place to relax and unwind. 

Do you want a family focused holiday park?

If you are taking children or grandchildren with you, it will be important to have a choice of family activities. Things like an indoor swimming pool is handy in case the weather isn’t fantastic. Some parks have a no ball games, or no bikes policy too, so it’s best avoid these. 

Another thing to think about when taking children, is whether there is a shop available? You can’t be somewhere with kids and have no option for ice cream on a hot day!

Some places have a schedule of activities for kids to take part in. These can range from archery, to water sports, and is a chance for them to try out something new. Anything that will deter them from saying the dreaded words ‘i’m bored’ for as long as possible. 

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