Best dog walks in North Wales

North Wales is arguably the best place in the world for dog owners.

With hundreds of mountains, beaches, woodlands, fields and lakesides to explore, the adventures really are endless.

Courtesy of Eric Jones (CC)

Courtesy of Eric Jones (CC)

Snowdon – Llanberis Path

Although this is somewhat of a longer path, and if your pooch isn’t used to going on such long walks it might a bit of a challenge. This is the ideal route up Snowdon if you have a four legged companion with you. It’s simply a case of following the marked path upwards. You won’t be able to bring your dog inside the café at the summit though unfortunately, so make sure you pack a decent lunch and something to drink (for your pooch too) on your journey. We recommend you use an extendable lead as there are animals along the trail which a naughty pooch might be tempted to chase (if you struggle with this, you might want to try some dog training).

Courtesy of Jeff Buck (CC)

Courtesy of Jeff Buck (CC)


Cwm Idwal

One of the most beautiful spots in North Wales is Cwm Idwal, here you can take a circular route around a secret lake, high in the mountains of Snowdonia. This walk sports a stunning views of Tryfan, as well as the Glyderau and the Carneddau Mountain Range. This spot has different aspects to enjoy at various part of the year. In winter, the lake may freeze over providing a truly breath-taking site of natural winter beauty. Pack a map and a good pair of boots.

Courtesy of Les Haines

Courtesy of Les Haines (CC)

Llyn Elsi

Llyn Elsi is a gorgeous lake a very short distance from Betws-y-coed. It’s a site which can offer you and your furry friend a bit of peace and quiet. St. Mary’s Church is the perfect spot to park your car. The path leading off, although steep, is the perfect woodland route for the dog to have an explore and stretch its legs!

This has been an important spot for residents in that it has been providing water for them for more than 100 years!

Courtesy of Jeremy Bolwell

Courtesy of Jeremy Bolwell (CC)

Coed y Gopa – Abergele

Here you can climb a forested hill overlooking the town of Abergele, with luscious views of the coast as you walk around the hill. This spot is particularly good for letting the hound off the lead, so he can have a proper runaround.

Courtesy of Mattcymru2 (CC)

Courtesy of Mattcymru2 (CC)

Newborough Warren

This world famous beauty spot has a rich thick woodland which means loads of potential for off-the-lead walking. Just keep an eye on your dog as it darts between the trees, it’s almost too good to be true to have such an amazing environment to explore! As you move out of the woods and onto the beach you can check out the many sand dunes and beautiful shoreline.

Courtesy of Eric Jones (CC)

Courtesy of Eric Jones (CC)

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