5 Tips on How To Choose The Right Hotel Online

Choosing something that you haven’t seen in the flesh can be really hard, however, it is now the norm for most of us with online shopping done now more so than ever. There is a lot of choice out there when it comes to hotels in Llandudno and plenty of online advertising shoved in your face which can make it even harder to choose. So we have come up with these handy tips to help you choose the right hotel online.

Tip 1 – Know what’s important to you

Some of us don’t know what that is, yet and trial and error can sometimes help with this. However, as we have mentioned before, looking for a hotel can be a minefield. Try making a quick list of things that you require to have a good night’s stay, e.g. comfy bed, breakfast options etc. You may even feel more comfortable in a smaller and more intimate property rather than one that has lots of rooms and guests. Decor is also something to consider for your list. Some guests like historical properties whereas others love modern and simplistic interiors. Noting down what you like before jumping right in can save you a lot of time and headaches scrolling through endless hotels. 

Tip 2 – Must-have Amenities

Before you arrive at your hotel you need to know what to expect which includes the amenities. There are 4 main types of amenities you should look out for when you arrive, including, air-conditioning, parking, WiFi and breakfast. Having them available is great – as long as they are included with your hotel price. Even if they are extra, it is worth knowing this in advance, before you turn up, to avoid any surprise costs.

Tip 3 – Check the website

Many of us find our perfect hotel on comparison sites these days but it is always worth checking the hotel’s website. The hotel may have discounts in place for booking directly which could save you money on your trip. Another thing to look out for on the hotel’s website is if they are planning any renovations during your planned time to stay. The last thing you want is to turn up when the hotel is half closed!

Tip 4 – Pinpoint the hotel’s exact location

Location is important with anything, whether it is a meeting or event we need to attend or even a hospital appointment, knowing where to go will help make your trip enjoyable. The same goes for your hotel. Make sure before you book that you take a look on a map where exactly the hotel is and what is closeby. This will help you plan your travel and find out what you can do in the surrounding area. 

Tip 5 – Read the Reviews

One mistake we are probably all guilty of is not reading the reviews. Whilst good reviews are great to read, make sure you also read the bad reviews. Bear in mind that some customers do sometimes blow things out of proportion, so take bad reviews with a pinch of salt. You will more than likely have to make an educated decision and weigh up the reviews, but at least you won’t get any nasty surprises!

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